DISHES 2022 by Leslie HossackDishes
© 2022 Leslie Hossack

“Many of my early colour memories revolve around food and related items. In the 1950s, we had a set of dishes that I absolutely loved. Habitant Studio Ware was a hand-painted pattern manufactured in England by J&G Meakin. I clearly recall the cereal bowls and the bread and butter plates. To me, they looked like plaid dishes. In a set of eight, two plates had intersecting red stripes, two had green stripes, two had yellow stripes and two had grey stripes. These dishes seemed to have been designed by a rambunctious child rather than by a rule-bound grownup. When the table was set, it looked comical and playful and very colourful. This image, Dishes, combines the four Habitant colours into one recollection.”

Chromogenic print mounted on aluminum composite panel.
30 x 24 in.

CONSTRUCTED RECOLLECTION: An Abstract Autobiography – Childhood Colour Coded.

Selected images from Constructed Recollection featured in online exhibition at:     Spring/Summer 2023.   21 January – 25 February 2023.

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