Churchill’s Darkest Hour

Gary Oldman and Joe Wright visit National Churchill Library and Center
and Leslie Hossack’s exhibition Charting Churchill

Photo courtesy NCLC.

Darkest Hour star Gary Oldman and director Joe Wright recently visited the National Churchill Library and Center in Washington DC. While there, they took in Leslie Hossack’s exhibition Charting Churchill which features a selection of photographs by the award-winning Canadian photographer. All 60 photographs from Hossack’s Churchill series can be viewed in previous posts on this blog. Many of the locations seen in Darkest Hour are presented in these photographs.

Darkest Hour is expected by many to win Oscars in 2018. The Academy Award nomination list will be announced shortly.

Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill was born November 30th 1874 at Blenheim Palace. He died 90 years later at his home in London, on January 24th 1965.

In Darkest Hour, Gary Oldman portrayed Winston Churchill when he became British Prime Minister in May 1940, ten months into World War Two. The film covers the few short weeks leading up to the Dunkirk evacuation.

Sir Winston Churchill – politician, parliamentarian, prime minister; cavalry officer, infantry man, military strategist; reporter, author, orator; statesman, Nobel laureate, Knight of the Garter; painter, brick layer, world traveller; husband, father, grandfather.

Sir Winston Churchill – the man who loved: dogs, cats and horses; exotic butterflies, ornamental fish and roses; Cuban cigars, fine food and Pol Roger champagne; afternoon naps, hot baths and late nights; Chartwell, Blenheim Palace and the Houses of Parliament; hats of all kinds, bespoke tailoring and polka dot bow ties; and the man many credit with saving the world from Nazi tyranny.

Leslie Hossack’s Churchill Photographs are part of her larger body of work that explores Nazi architecture in Berlin, Stalinist structures in Moscow, contested sites in Jerusalem, a Cold War bunker in Ottawa, NATO’s Headquarter Camp in Kosovo, buildings linked to the Japanese Canadian internment during World War Two, the D-Day landing beaches in Normandy, the Nazi-occupied Channel Islands, Freud’s pre-war Vienna and Mussolini’s Rome.

To view more photographs by Leslie Hossack, please visit

To preview her book Charting Churchill, visit

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