Hammershøi: Musée Jacquemart-André, Part 1

38 1884 1888, Etude de une femme debout, vue de dos by Leslie HossackStudy of a Woman Standing, seen from back (1884-1888)
Ambassador John L. Loeb Jr. Danish Art Collection

63 1888, Woman Seen from the Back. Figure of a Woman by Leslie HossackWoman Seen from the Back (1888)
Collection: Statens Museum for Kunst, Copenhagen

all photographs © 2019 Leslie Hossack

In 2019, the Musée Jacquemart-André, along with Culturespaces, hosted an exhibition in Paris entitled Hammershøi: The Master of Danish Painting. This blockbuster show was curated by Jean-Loup Champion, Art Historian and Pierre Curie, Curator of the Musée Jacquemart-André.

After photographing 60 paintings by Vilhelm Hammershøi in Ottawa, Toronto and Copenhagen, Leslie Hossack flew to Paris to view the 40 works promised in the press release.

“Forty works will reveal the mysterious and poetic world of the artist. Previously unseen works from the Ambassador John L. Loeb Jr. Danish Art Collection, which are rarely exhibited during the major international retrospectives devoted to Hammershøi’s oeuvre, will be displayed for the first time in France.”
Press Kit, Hammershøi: The Master of Danish Painting, Musée Jacquemart-André and Culturespaces (2019)

The two images above are Study of a Woman Standing, seen from back (1884-1888), from the Ambassador John L. Loeb Jr. Danish Art Collection, as photographed in Paris and Woman Seen from the Back (1888), from the permanent collection of Statens Museum for Kunst (SMK), as photographed in Copenhagen exactly one week earlier.

The following posts on Haute Vitrine will present Leslie Hossack’s photographs of all the Hammershøi pieces presented in the Paris exhibition Hammershøi: The Master of Danish Painting.

“The exhibition will also include loaned works from major Danish and Swedish museums, such as the Statens Museum for Kunst and the Hirschprungske Samling in Copenhagen, the Nationalmuseum in Stockholm, and the Malmö Konstmuseum, as well as the Musée d’Orsay and London’s Tate Gallery, and from private collections. Major works will illustrate every aspect of Hammershøi’s oeuvre: his first portraits, nudes, architectural views, landscapes, and the extraordinary interior scenes that have made him so famous.”
Press Kit, Hammershøi: The Master of Danish Painting, Musée Jacquemart-André and Culturespaces (2019)

Hammershøi’s oeuvre consists of landscapes, architecture, portraits, nudes and interiors. However, it was his interiors that were the most popular in his lifetime (1864-1916) and continue to draw the strongest response today. Hammershøi painted over 100 interiors in the various apartments he shared with his wife Ida in Copenhagen. Their home was both his studio and a major motif in his work.

Over a century ago, Danish painter Vilhelm Hammershøi elevated
“Stay At Home. Work At Home.” to an art form.

Leslie Hossack’s Hammershøi Photographs are part of a larger body of work that explores Hitler’s Berlin, Stalin’s Moscow, Mussolini’s Rome, Churchill’s London, contested sites in Jerusalem, the NATO Headquarter Camp in Kosovo, buildings linked to the Japanese Canadian internment during WWII, the D-Day landing beaches of Normandy, the Nazi-occupied Channel Islands, Scotland’s Freemasons and Sigmund Freud’s Vienna.

To view more photographs by Leslie Hossack, please visit lesliehossack.com

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