1950 & 1952: Two United Israel Appeal Posters

To Settle the Wasteland and Close Down the Transit Camps

1950 United Israel Appeal Poster by Ruth Zur, Tel Aviv 2011


Above: 1950 United Israel Appeal poster, designed by Ruth Zur, titled: To Settle the Wasteland, To Close Down the Transit Camps, To Permanent Housing

Below: 1952 United Israel Appeal poster, designed by Rudolph Sidner, titled: Keren Hayesod’s Greetings on Israel’s Independence Day


Greetings on Israel’s Independence Day

1952 United Israel Appeal Poster by Rudolph Sidner, Tel Aviv 2011

photographs © Leslie Hossack

Both Ruth Zur and Rudolph Sidner designed posters for the United Israel Appeal. Please click on the pictures above to see the details of their art work. To see two other posters by Rudolph Sidner, check my Haute Vitrine post of September 30, 2011.

These images are part of my series of photographs featuring posters displayed at Ben Gurion International Airport, in the exhibition: 90 Years of Vision, Keren Hayesod Posters, 1920 – 2010. Curated by David Tartakover, the colourful collection of over 30 vintage posters provides a fascinating glimpse into Israel’s history, from the time of the British Mandate in Palestine to the present day.

Since 1920, Keren Hayesod (the United Israel Appeal, Foundation Fund) has been involved in Israel’s growth. It was founded in London as the fundraising arm of the Zionist movement, and in 1926 the headquarters was moved to Jerusalem.

Initially, Keren Hayesod financed activities relating to immigration and absorption, settlement, defense, development of water resources and public works. It also aided major enterprises such as the Palestine Electric Company and the Palestine Potash Company at the Dead Sea. When Israel gained its independence in 1948, many functions handled by Keren Hayesod were transferred to the Jewish Agency, and Keren Hayesod continued to concentrate on immigration, absorption and settlement.

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