Father's Fedoras, 2022 by Leslie HossackFather’s Fedoras
© 2022 Leslie Hossack

“The first picture I have of me with my father is a small black and white snapshot; on the back is written “8 months old.” In this outdoor photo, my father is wearing a fedora. Obviously, I do not remember that day, but I do have many early memories of my father’s hats. I was 50 years old when my father died and throughout that the half century, he wore fedoras. In the 1950s, they were typically made of fur-felt and came in various shades of grey, brown and black. The soft brim was worn up in the back and down in the front, while the depth of the brim, the height of the indented pinched-front crown, and the width of the grosgrain ribbon varied over time. Movie stars such as Cary Grant and Frank Sinatra made fedoras the icon they remain to this day, but it was my father’s hats that inspired this image.”

Chromogenic print mounted on aluminum composite panel.
30 x 24 in.

CONSTRUCTED RECOLLECTION: An Abstract Autobiography – Childhood Colour Coded.

Selected images from Constructed Recollection featured in online exhibition at:     Spring/Summer 2023.   21 January – 25 February 2023.

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