PONTIAC, 2022 by Leslie HossackPontiac
© 2022 Leslie Hossack

CONSTRUCTED RECOLLECTION is a series of images inspired by colour memories and informed by current research.

“In the early 1950s my parents bought their first brand new car, a Pontiac. I vividly remember the soft green colour of the shiny paint and the flashing highlights of the polished chrome trim. I particularly recall the front grill, which I now know was called the waterfall grill. It likely caught my attention as it was at eye level and was surmounted with a striking chrome hood ornament. Researching vintage Pontiac paint colour charts, I found that the green I so clearly remember was called Placid Green. To my very young eyes, that colour was soothing, sumptuous and sophisticated. Like other colours I encountered in my formative years, it remains a part of me all these decades later.”       

Chromogenic print mounted on aluminum composite panel
30 x 24 in.

CONSTRUCTED RECOLLECTION: An Abstract Autobiography – Childhood Colour Coded.

Selected images from Constructed Recollection featured in online exhibition at:     Spring/Summer 2023.   21 January – 25 February 2023

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