NEAPOLITAN, 2022 by Leslie HossackNeapolitan
© 2022 Leslie Hossack

“When I was a small child, cake & ice cream was reserved for special occasions. Birthday celebrations always meant Neapolitan ice cream. It was particularly memorable because it came in three flavours (chocolate, vanilla and strawberry) and because it was sliced, not scooped. In the 1950s, the small freezer compartment in our refrigerator did not keep anything frozen for long. Just before dinner, my father would be dispatched to the dairy to buy a pint of Neapolitan ice cream. It came in a small brick-shaped carton, not unlike a pound of butter. An hour later my mother would take the ice cream out of the freezer to serve dessert. We were each given a plate with a piece of cake already moistened by a slice of rapidly melting Neapolitan ice cream. Like all images in this collection, Neapolitan is composed of blocks of colour designed to convey the feel and tone of my early surroundings. Can colour alone serve as a conduit of memory?”

CONSTRUCTED RECOLLECTION: An Abstract Autobiography – Childhood Colour Coded
Selected images from Leslie Hossack’s series Constructed Recollection featured in online exhibition at
21 January – 25 February 2023

archival prints are available on Hahnemühle Gloss Baryta in two sizes: 
The Portfolio Collection: 11 x 13.75 in. (paper size 19 x 13 in.)
The Gallery Collection: 24 x 30 in.

To view more work by Leslie Hossack, please visit

ABOUT Leslie Hossack

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